Productivity tools

I wrote on my very first post that writing is a constant struggle for me.  Knowing sometimes that I am unproductive causes me a great deal of anxiety.  Here is a list of some of my staple productivity tools.

This post will be brief since I am writing this before bedtime.

1.) Notes, notes, notes – My notes are so decentralized it is hard to tell which one is the “Mother ship”.  I think the closest thing I have to that is Evernote.  It used to be OneNote, but it is too entrenched in to my Windows OS that I find it too out of the way (fact: Yes, I am a PC user though I work with Macs on a daily basis).  I also like how my iphone is synchronized with the notes I have at work via icloud and this is a great way for me to write notes on the fly.  I also have countless notebooks, post its, index cards and receipts (the back re-purposed as a note space).  These help me make lists about my plans for the following day, things to buy, things to do and of course, ideas.

2.) Sketchbook – I just like having one around as it gives me a great deal of comfort.  As a kid, I spent hours sketching away at the back of my mom’s office spreadsheets.  Sometimes I draw when inspiration strikes.  But I admit these days, I am more literary/auditory than I am visual.

3.) Ipad - I fell in love with the ipad ever since the first one came out and have utilized this for some of my writing Also, in my line of work, I like to download new apps and study how they work and what the user experience is like.  An ipad is likewise handy for quick inquiries.  No need to load up my computer to look up something that’s bugging me.  Lastly, I love how this can be used as a remote control for my TV when I stream video.  It’s a powerful tool.

4.) – This website is possibly the most useful of all.  This works based on the principle that the best time to wake up is between sleeping cycles.  Just put in a time you wish to wake up and this will tell you what time you need to fall asleep.  I think of this as an important productivity tool as nothing beats a fresh mind from taking on the day.

5.) Earphones – Like I said, I am think of myself more a literary/auditory kind of learner.  This is also the most optimal way for me to learn.  I take my earphones to go everywhere so I could simply plug it in to any device to listen to educational podcasts on the go.  I also use this to listen to brown noise when I need a buzz of concentration.  I use something really basic since I lose and break earphones a lot. The quality isn’t that bad and is very comfortable to wear. I think this is the one I have which I bought at Office Depot for $12.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Until next time.

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